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‘Vessel’ vase — Dalmatic Landscape


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Dalmatic-Jasper, Blackened steel

This Dalmatic-Jasper Landscape Vase is one item of the project ‘Vessels’. Influenced by varied vessels from past to present and their roles. The ‘Vessel’ objects initiate and showcase their wider fascination of stone in the terrain of domestic objects. By extracting and composing core cylinders, rocks and gemstones are turned into vessels of all kinds for the interior environment.
Acarefully selected Dalmatic Jasper stone, exploited for its opportunities. Crafted into a rock landscape vase with extracted core cylinders, this stone becomes a playful vessel for composing a gracious flower composition.

19 x 23 x 18 cm
7.5 kg
White, Grey

The Dalmatic Landscape (flower) Vase should be placed in the interior environment.
In order to avoid overheating by sun & other reactions such as corrosion or oxidation caused by out-door surroundings.
The water should be changed regularly, every couple of days.
Cleaning - avoid usage of chemicals.

Studio DO

Based in Antwerp, Studio DO is a stone cutting atelier founded by Dana Seachuga and Octave Vandeweghe. These two creatives work independently: Dana as a jewellery maker and Octave as an artist. For Studio DO they joined forces and share their creative visions and expertise. 
Driven by their affection for stone cutting, they research the material and cultural role of (gem)stones within the realm of functional objects. Using basic interventions, shapes and aesthetics, they try to search for the minimal action necessary to give a rock a (traditional) function.
Studio DO works on design projects and takes commissions related to stone, art, design objects and jewellery. Label & Labour stand along each other as one, becoming inseparable.


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