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Zoom a wooden bench sitting on top of a metal pole
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Zoom a snow covered bench sitting in the snow



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MDF + Eucalyptus veneer

Edition 5+2 A.P

The main source of inspiration for the collection SS is the temporary "furniture" created and constructed from found materials by the construction workers on site.
Using remnants of building materials and whatever else they can find, they create objects they need in their daily lives, such as tables and benches.
We often came across such "furniture" in our architectural practice and at some point began to document it, creating an archive of forms.

The first object in the series was created for the Collectible exhibition in Brussels in 2020 in black. Black was chosen as the absence of color revealing the sculptural nature of the form that was created at random.

The next step was to cover our random sculptural forms with materials that are completely uncharacteristic of them: veneers of rare woods. In this way, we contrasted the random forms with the finishes traditionally used for complex and expensive pieces of carpentry.

175 x 39 x 32cm
30 kg


Alexandra Gineva and Alexander Dobrovskiy completed their studies at the Moscow Architectural Institute in 2011, going on to earn their master's degrees in architecture at Luca School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium in 2013. The duo established their own studio, Masterskaya Be, the same year. Specialising in exhibition design, temporary installations, and a variety of public and private projects, their studio showcases a blend of creativity and expertise.


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