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Wood Sapele, Wood Ash, Sheep skin

This stool is made of sapele, ash and sheep-skin. This stool represents the transitional period that we are all going through at the moment. Coronavirus is some-what under-control and we are slowly returning to our normal, busy, lives. This can mean that we are pulled away from close relationships or patterns of living that we have formed over the past few years. We designed this stool to reframe the anxiety of going back to ‘normal.’ The stool is essentially an abstraction of a lamb in order to represent new life and new beginnings.

30 x 30 x 51 cm
4.5 kg
Dark Wood, Light Wood, Light sheep skin


At Six Dots design, all of our pieces are primarily works of art and should be treated as such. Each piece is hand made, unique and made using inherently strong and long lasting methods of construction. None of our pieces have, however, been through any strength or safety testing. Six Dots design, therefore, cannot guarantee the longevity or safety of any piece. DO NOT oil or finish this piece, it is left as raw timber and does not require oiling or re-sanding at any time.


Founded in 2020 by artist and designer Joseph Ellwood, Six Dots Design is the result of a passion for design, architecture and beautiful objects.

Our aim is for everyone to love the objects surrounding them. We believe that good design not only fulfils its explicit role but serves as constant inspiration to those around it. This is what we strive for at Six Dots Design. We are currently based in West London.


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