Zoom a close up of a mirror on a wall
Zoom a cat is looking out of a microwave
Zoom a person on a snowboard on a wall
Zoom a small tv sitting on top of a white shelf
Zoom a desk with a computer on top of it
Zoom a black and white photo of a microwave

Sham Mirror


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Made to order
Estimated production time — 6 Weeks

Stainless steel

Highly polished stainless steel folded into a cabinet that also serves as a mirror. Shiny on all sides; it reflects your most precious belongings in it as well as the room it’s hanging in. 

50 x 8 x 30cm
2.5 kg
Stainless steel

Forever Studio

Based in the Netherlands, searches for unfamiliar combinations in autonomous and commercial design. Launched by Bienke Domenie & Sara Degenaar, the duo prioritizes color, shape, and empty space in their minimalistic designs. By motivating and supporting each other through obstacles, they created a studio that became a safe environment for sharing crazy ideas without any holdbacks.


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