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Zoom a bottle of wine sitting on top of a counter
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Piece Out — Gold/Champagne


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Made to order
Estimated production time — 8 Weeks

Anodised aluminium / Polished aluminium

Piece Out is the outcome of our colour studies with anodised aluminium. It’s a love song to the start of every project we do; choosing colour combinations. Keeping the shape as simple as possible, we want to highlight the colour and materiality of this table light.

Because the light is consisting out of two parts, it makes it possible to slide the biggest shape up and down so you can adjust the height. We think it’s magical that as designers we choose two colours, the light source makes the third shade and the owner chooses the proportion.

11 x 11 x 42cm
2 kg
Champagne, gold

Forever Studio

Based in the Netherlands, searches for unfamiliar combinations in autonomous and commercial design. Launched by Bienke Domenie & Sara Degenaar, the duo prioritizes color, shape, and empty space in their minimalistic designs. By motivating and supporting each other through obstacles, they created a studio that became a safe environment for sharing crazy ideas without any holdbacks.


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