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Zoom a vase of flowers sitting on a table
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Stoneware, enamel, chain and metal rings

“Harmony always comes from opposites; it is indeed the unity of a mixture of several and the unique thought of separate thinkers. » Philolaos, philosopher and mathematician. If the human being seems to know reality through opposite aspects and on the balance he achieves between extremes, it is rarer, despite the adage, that he makes them meet and attract each other.

The idea of ​​creating these objects arises from this desire to combine handmade ceramic creations with natural (stones, flowers, etc.) and/or industrial (chains, rings, etc.) elements with the aim of to erase the boundaries that we instinctively draw between these types. Combine elements from different environments, confront them and mix them to create unique shapes, materials and pieces. Experiments that lead to creations based on this double dialogue, playing on encounters between repetition, contrast and new sounds.

For the Pampilles vase, the idea is to appropriate the object by suspending the ceramic, letting it hang like a necklace or even spread out on a table.

Every piece is unique and handmade.
Produced in collaboration with Léa Baldassari .

21 x 14 x 14 cm
1.2 kg
Beige, Black, Gold

This vase is enamelled inside, so it can hold water.
Fragile not to shock.


Mathilde Gullaud

Independent designer and exhibition scenographer, Mathilde Gullaud is passionate about materials and their intrinsic aesthetics. Thanks to the constructive principles that she develops, she draws attention to these materials by highlighting their beauty. With a background in Object and Space Design at the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon, and a post-graduate Design & Research at the School of Art and Design in Saint -Étienne, she founded her studio in 2013.

In addition to design and scenography projects, she does not hesitate to extend her practice to other fields relating to objects and space such as artistic direction, set design, signage design or creation. immersive sets and staging. Today she puts her experience at the service of institutions, galleries, companies, but also brands, in order to offer them a new look and a global artistic and visual reflection.


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