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PLA Color

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PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) derived from Biological sources, Biodegradable

MACCHERONIx8.obj is an ornamental object that can be used as a vase since it has openings in which you can insert the flowers you like the most but, in general, any kind of thing that falls within the measures of the opening.
The shape of this object is inspired by the real creation of “maccheroni” made with artisan or industrial extrusion machines. In fact, when the dough for the pasta is extruded from the special templates, the “maccheroni” come out slowly bending slightly upwards, before being cut to give it its characteristic shape.
In the same way we can trace this vase back to that creation, where, thanks to a digital methodology, it was possible to recreate that same type of extrusion and then join eight “maccheroni” together and give it stability and strength thanks to the solid 3D printing material. This time I also played with gravity, since the curves should be downwards but this time they are upwards, trying in this way to play with the digital and its possibilities.
An iconic object, which contains within it the history of a production process unknown to many, turning towards the future of creation and becoming a symbol of a nation, Italy, which must always look to the future and not close itself in its traditions.

18.7 x 20 x 40 cm
1.5 kg
Pasta Yellow, Flour White, Basil Green, Tomato Red, Wall Grey


Handle with care, don't use solvents.


(b.1993) Gianmaria Della Ratta, is an Italian designer based in the Netherlands. He dedicates himself to the realisation of personal projects and collaboration with various companies, where he is often called to develop innovative projects in close consultation with the various research and development departments. Abundance of expression and conceptual complexity coexist at the same time in his objects, amalgamated by the constant search for new production processes that often result in modern and innovative technologies used to overcome the current limitations of creation.

Often starting from the origins of an object, he deconstructs it, to deepen its meaning, challenging the perception of material and immaterial and questioning the very sense of functionality. Through careful, cunning and uncommon digital manipulation, he manages to achieve completely unexpected and absolutely new results that not only distinguish his style but also give objects an attractive and never seen before aesthetic. The unusual use of latest generation software are often part of his creation process that he pushes to the limit through choices mainly related to his intuition, which lead him to solutions not necessarily related to functional, aesthetic or market needs, but that result in a constant experimental and surprising approach.


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