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Into the deep blue


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Wood, latex, silicone, pigments, varnish

For the screen "In to the deep blue", always fascinated by attraction and
repulsion and in a sensitive relationship to the mineral and natural world, we
were inspired by cartography or marine satellite images.
The latex which links this fascination for fluid materials and painting
allows us to free ourselves from the canvas mixing sensuality and spontaneity.

160 x 190 x 5 cm
10 kg
Frame: Light pink, Panes: Shades of light and dark blue

Fit the assembly with a screwdriver (do not force the screws)
Clean with a damp cloth
Above all, do not use any maintenance product
Not suitable for outdoors

Into the deep blue



AuchKatzStudio is a French design studio established in 2017 and composed of the visual artist Elsa Belbacha-Lardy and the space and product designer Thomas Thibout.

Based on their individual principles, they aim to combine art and design in a form inspired by minerals. In a world subject to globalization, their empirical work fights against large scale serial design. They work to sublimate the roughness and instability of their materials so as to achieve an experimental design where materials dominate and allude to both solid and fragile matter. Their designer approach is that of a sculptor as they cut their block of polystyrene as one might cut a stone.

They let themselves be guided by the spontaneity of their gestures, and the design they have in mind is not the final product, but rather its starting point. Their work process is based on the colors of material and its capacity to capture the movement of light and the passing of time.


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