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Pixel Chair


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Powder coated aluminium and painted wood

The chair focuses on the idea of combining working and living area and explores the resulting influence on society. Designed to facilitate working from home it simultaneously questions the shift of boundaries and the effect on our working environment.
Pixel Chair is part of the Office Z series. A collection of conceptual objects exploring the future of the workplace and contemporary society’s needs and desires in the light of digitalisation. Integrating the Zeitgeist and symbolics of a new Generation the project looks into examining the meaning of work and the function of products of a new era.

55 x 100 x 165 cm
12 kg
Silver and Green




is a design studio that works in the field of object design and was established by Patrick Henry Nagel and Nils Körner in 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany. The Duo works for customers in economy and culture as well as on self initialised projects and has a hands-on and collaborative approach. While challenging assumptions, each project proposes pure and simple solutions which often contain a narrative aspect.

Described as human made design the studio focuses on human sensibilities and shifts perception towards materiality, shapes and alternative ways of production. By facilitating a deeper understanding of both our natural and built environments, the studio proposes transformative interventions and conceptionally investigates the ecological, technological


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