Zoom a picture of a street sign in the snow
Zoom a close up of a tie with a pattern on it
Zoom a display of various types of fruits and vegetables
Zoom a sign that is in front of a wall
Estelle Bourdet, 04 04/08
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Actually exhibited at Good Sessions Gallery from Jan 20  Apr 2, 2022.
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100% Cotton, Cotton rags as weft, Cotton threads as warp

A handcraft which consists of collecting and ripping old fabrics for the weft of a weavings. 
By reflecting and challenging her practice with these concepts, Estelle Bourdet creates meaningful and very special textiles for your everyday life and your interior. 
Every piece is unique and handmade.

45 x 28 x 0.5 cm
0.2 kg
Burgundy, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Brown...
Småland, Sweden


Dry cleaning.