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04 04/08


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100% Cotton, Cotton rags as weft, Cotton threads as warp

A handcraft which consists of collecting and ripping old fabrics for the weft of a weavings. By reflecting and challenging her practice with these concepts, Estelle Bourdet creates meaningful and very special textiles for your everyday life and your interior. 

Every piece is unique and handmade.

45 x 28 x 0.5 cm
0.2 kg
Burgundy, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Brown...
Småland, Sweden

Dry cleaning



is a Swiss-Swedish textile designer and hand weaver offering production, design and consultancy on textiles and materials for interior and product. She investigates the domestic environment by exploring the handcraft of textile making with a focus on analog weaving techniques and digitally processed motifs and patterns.  Estelle’s practice of hand weaving merges key ideas of domestic zones, inhabited spaces, the use of sustainable resources and the slow production making. Her work also aims to be a social and temporal recontextualisation of the handcraft of carpet making that exists in Sweden since the 18th century.


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