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Castingland, Mirror frames


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Pewter and Mirror

Clusters and stems expand in the space incorporating the surroundings. The unpredictability of the casting technique developed using expanded glass blocks as mold, in fact, trick the human eye, presenting a hybrid aesthetic. The collection questions the limit between natural and artificial in the domestic realm. We developed a composition of frames in pewter embedding the mirrors inside them like precious gems. The shapes, on the other hand, recall the splashing gesture of the casting technique.


1200 x 1200 mm (total composition)
6 kg
Eindhoven, Netherlands


Dry cleaning.



Made up of Giorgio Gasco and Gianmaria Della Ratta, recently opened their studio in both Eindhoven and Rotterdam. The duo’s first release is entitled Castingland, and consists of aluminum clusters and stems that expand and explore their immediate surroundings. The art collection allows viewers to question the boundary between natural and artificial, as each piece appears to be rebar covered in organic life. It’s Gasco and Della Ratta’s casting technique that creates this hybrid aesthetic, with one side of the material resembling a meteorite and the other a supportive scaffolding. The studio intends to explore material excess, visual incoherence, tension, and decadence in their projects.


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