Agrandir a statue of a teddy bear on a beach
Agrandir a close up of two different types of doughnuts
Agrandir a close up of a pink and white bird
Ying Chang, Staman Vase
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Actually exhibited at Good Sessions Gallery from Jan 20 — Apr 2, 2022.
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Bio Resin

'Furrows of The Skin’ addressing the materiality of human beings and objects, and the interrelationships between these.
In popular media representations, The ideal of beauty and perfection are becoming increasingly obscured, the nature of skin especially creates a field of ideological conflicts.
The artist uses the permeable, porous characteristics of skin to express her questioning in the perception of beauty and perfection.
In result, a series of sculptural work was created by impressing her hands on the clay surface, each pressing, pinching and pulling actions define the cavity of space and the fullness of the objects in which it occupies. objects that embellished with fingerprints and marks slowly unveil themselves as the clay peeling away.

45 x 15 x 15 cm
1.7 kg


Fragile material, handle with care. keep away from direct sunlight.
Do not hold the object by its small parts, alway hold and lift from the base.
Handle with care.