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Studio visit







Francesco Pace a.k.a Tellurico in his studio.




Can you present this place? (Location, size, how it looks like...) Does it have a particular history?

   Francesco Pace / TELLURICO
Hi guys,  nice to hear from you again. 

My studio is in an old high school in Eindhoven. It is a strategic place because is quite close to the city centre but it is on the door of an industrial district, This is perfect for both having a break during lunchtime and buy materials for the production of my objects.

The studio is composed of two separates rooms. The first one is the office; it is around 50 sqm and in there I have a couple of desks, the wall of prototypes,  few finished pieces and a couch. Here is where I mainly design, sketch and develop all the ideas.
The second one is the workshop, which is inside the old conference room of the school. It is a room with a high ceiling and it is around 200 sqm.
There is where the magic happens. Where I produced all my pieces, where I experiment, make mistakes, and produce my design.






Allain coffee table from Ollain collection, reinterpreting Italian Crafts called 'stucco'.





How important is this place to your work?

Fundamental. I spend more time in my studio than at home. It is cosy and productive at the same time, without my studio I could not develop my body of work.

Do you also work at home? Do you prefer to keep personal and professional places separated or the two of them can be a space for work and relax?

Basically, I always work. 

So, yes. I sometimes work from home too, but mainly email, phone calls, socials media and attending meetings.

Even if my home and my studio are two separated places, there is no real boundary between them, in the sense that at home I have elements of my work, as well as in my studio I have cosy spots and objects that reminded me of home. They are both places curated with the same level of attention.





Are you attached to this place, for what reasons?- Does it have a part in the inspiration that you have/ need? Which benefits does this place offer? ( light, location...)

The studio has a lot of benefits of course, as I said before the location is ideal for providing materials but also for taking some time off during the lunch breaks.

Also, the fact that the office and the workshop are separated is a pro. I had a studio in the past wherein one big room I had everything and this might create issues when you work on something which is dusty or noisy. I believe from all the studios I had this is the best one for space divisions. I feel comfortable here.



Shelf: various objects including some Telluride research projects and Familiar Stranger.




If you share this place, is it stimulating to be with others (creatives or not) ? Or maybe do you dream about your own place, all by yourself? Why?
Same question if you're working alone, do you need it or do you want to work with people around?

The studio is not shared I have my own office, meanwhile, the workshop is shared with some other creative. 

This is for me perfect balance. I have space where I can re-group my thought, work on my design. Where I can receive clients and show my works, a space that is mine and personal. And then I have the workshop where I also have my own spot, but I have other people around that can eventually help me out. In there we share knowledge and help each other.

Right now this is for me ideal because often I can also hire some of the creatives I share workshops with for special projects.  In the future, I do see myself have my own office and my own workshop.




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