Stools series by Tellurico



















Stools are inspired by the ancient technique of the wood carving, adapted on contemporary aesthetic. The Stools are carved out from solid Timbers and Mapple wood with a modern carving tool.
Close-up, a visual focus of Tellurico's work hosted by Good Sessions.



3Legs Stool, texture details
3Legs Stool, hole detail
3Legs Stool

SHOP — 3Legs Stool €2.662,00

 2Legs BarStool, seating section

 2Legs BarStool, step detail

 2Legs BarStool, seating section

SHOP — 2Legs BarStool €2.396,00




2Legs MiniStool full view




SHOP — 2Legs MiniStool €1.573,00