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3Legs Stool


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Carved wood

"I bought a new tool, I made three Stools".

Series of Stools designed and produced by Tellurico. The three Stools are inspired by the ancient technique of the wood carving and adapted on contemporary aesthetic. The Stools are carved out from the solid Timber and Maple wood with a modern carving tool.
Note: The Stools are perfectly working and solid in all their parts. However, the Stools are crafted objects, specially made for the client who orders them. This means that the final object can be slightly different from the picture shown on the website.
Customization: If beforehand the clients asked, the Stools can be customized with different kind of woods of finishings. Starting from the idea of the Stools, a special commission can be developed together with the clients. 

50 x 45 x 53 cm
15 kg
Natural wood color with transparent oil-based coating


Cleaning: The Stools are suitable for inside, please do not use them outside. Cleaning is possible with a humid cotton cloth or with the vacuum. Please, do not drop liquids on it. Like any natural wood object, time and sun exposition could fade or darken the original color of wood. This will happen only after many years of sun exposition.


After graduating at Master of Contextual Design at Design Academy of Eindhoven, in 2017 Francesco Pace founded Tellurico, a multidisciplinary design studio specialised in objects, spaces and installations design. The investigation of alternative solutions through the study of folklore, together with the relationship between crafts and the environment has been the centre of the Tellurico’s practice. What binds the objects of a place to the characteristic of the place itself intertwines the historical, geological and social aspects of humankind, as well as the uniqueness and simplicity of every-day life. It is an always expanding field of investigation, as endless are the ways to live. So far, Tellurico’s works have been presented in many international venues such as Biennale of Architecture in Venice, Van AbbeMuseum in Eindhoven, M.A.D.RE. in Naples, Triennale di Milano, Brohan Museum in Berlin, Beirut Design Fair, Italian Pavilion in Barcelona, Zoya Gallery in Bratislava and others. He received commissions from differents galleries such Palau de Casavells in Barcelona, Mint London, Camp Design Gallery, Galleria Salvatore Lanteri in Milan and Functional Art Gallery in Madrid.Tellurico is currently based in the Netherlands.