Zoom Sillimanite, Mineral Tapestry II.
Zoom Sillimanite, Mineral Tapestry II.
Zoom Sillimanite, Mineral Tapestry II.
Zoom Sillimanite, Mineral Tapestry II.
Zoom Sillimanite, Mineral Tapestry II.
Zoom Sillimanite, Mineral Tapestry II.

Sillimanite, Mineral Tapestry II.



Actually exhibited at Good Sessions Gallery from Jan 20  Apr 2, 2022.
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Sheep wool, Burlap, Silk

Hand-tufted tapestry, the second piece of a series called "Mineral tapestry" inspired by microscopic images of minerals. To be placed on the floor or hung on the wall.

“God-view”: the axonometric representation of the terrain in certain video games. The space appears unfolded, spread out flat like a carpet. Super-vision-power in an artificial, non-hierarchical perspective. Perfect for instantly locating places you thought were lost. Now, to fully enjoy the luxury of having a home, collapse to the ground. Be careful, your free fall might be better absorbed by a soft and hairy surface! Shelters in suspended times, my mineral tapestries are a woolly praise of desire to face the unknown.

“Mineral Tapestry” is a series of detailed handmade rugs guided by found microscopic images of minerals, carved in wool. The series include detailed large format rugs, of which Sillimanite is the second piece.

160 x 152 x 5 cm
9.5 kg
Beige, Off-White, Mustard yellow, Gold, Khaki, Blue, Purple, Green


• In case you decide to hang it on the wall: A velcro tape and a wooden support is provided with the rug. You can simply detach the wooden support, fix it on the wall and attach the rug connecting the two velcro surfaces. When choosing your wall, also keep in mind the size of the rug! Do not choose a wall that is in direct sunlight, as this exposure will damage the vegetable dies in the rug over time. Do not hang a rug near a heating source. This could have a catastrophic impact on the fibers. Don't use raw wood or un-coated metals (like nails) to hang the rug, over time this will also damage it. (A nail hanging rug would pull itself apart.)

• In case you prefer to put it on the floor: Be aware that this will considerably shorten the life of the object. White areas get dirty rather easily, and silk fibers can get damaged easily when stepped on with shoes, in contact with heavy furniture, etc.

In both cases it is recommended that you clean your hanging rug every few months using a vacuum attachment, in order to remove dust. Do not put it in the washing machine, avoid vapor cleaning as it can cause wool and burlap fibers to shrink.


is a Hungarian audiovisual artist based in Marseille. Their abstract visuals materialize into rugs, paintings and 3D renders.


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