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Gravity Bowl


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This porcelain collection is the result of an experimental research into new ways of making clay sculptures. The research resulted in a collection of interior objects that combine refined craftsmanship and the fundamental force of gravity.

The work of designer Ruben Hoogvliet uncovers new ideas about contemporary crafts. Driven by experiment, his project the Gravity Collection started with rethinking ceramic crafts. Fascinated by liquid clay, he discovered techniques that would allow him to work more spontaneously without the interference of rigid plaster moulds.

During this process he developed an alternative method into an innovative craft.
Where he dips moist absorbing structures into liquid clay whereafter they are hang-dried. These structures then completely deform under the weight of the added clay. In this process, gravity always has the final say.

This makes the process a continuous back and forth between the natural force and his creative interventions, a fusion of the unexpected and the controllable. He refers to the object as nothing more than a `long event’. instead of forcing a shape into the material, he conducts a dialogue with materials and the physical forces to which these materials are subjected.

31 x 31 x 21 cm
2.1 kg
Light Green


The roughness of the objects surface shows minor irregularities (craquelé). It does not negatively affect the appearance nor the construction of the object.

Handle with care.
Can be cleaned with water and a soft brush.

Ruben Hoogvliet

is a Dutch Designer driven by an experimental and curios Nature. Working in a diverse range of disciplines, 'the realm of design-art'. His work shows an enthusiasm for experimentation in material processing. How a lump of clay becomes a roof tile and a pile of sand becomes a drinking glass. Within these processes he always wants to find the border of what is possible. His work uncovers new ideas about contemporary crafts and production methods. With a playful attitude Ruben wants to tell us where things are made of. He refers to the objects he makes as `long events`. Fascinated by the way an event transforms into an object. The act of making, is one that must be done with care, attention and consensus towards its context. a process in which he shows that we should certainly not forget to pay attention to the beauty of the way things come about.