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Metal Arch


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Metal sheet

Metal Arch is a sculpture from the serials project made by Nebil Zaman, where he made a series of sculptures & sitting objects. The project  explores different materials, productions techniques and expressions.

Nebil chooses the shape of an Arch as its main subject and made several iterations of the shape. Each time a shape was conceived, a new idea emerged. In many ways this is a practice in working with limitations. Limitation can often be perceived as something negative. As if we're not free. But without limitations we are often lost. We don't have any starting point. But, if you have a set of rules that can work as limits for your explorations, you can think about the things you're interested in. 

For this project, the shape and size were decided upon, so therefore the focus was mostly on the materials and production techniques. The Arch shape wound then act as a blak canvas, that you could stretch and manipulate, according to what the materials could do.

60 x 28 x 45 cm
10-12 kg


Considering the materials, this piece is relatively strong, but it must be handled with care.


was born in 1985, in Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq. He came to Norway as a refugee in 1992 together with his family. He now recides and works in Oslo, Norway. He graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts with a BA in Furniture design & Interior Architecture in 2019. Zaman’s artistic practice focuses on his interest in furniture and objects that are in the private and public space. With background in advertising, furniture crafts and design, Zaman’s interest in materials, production techniques and visual languages is visible in his work. Through his work, he deals with topics such as function, form, identity and contemporary visual culture.


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