Rollo Bryant, Process


“In spaces designed for and by humans, is there room for interspecies cohabitation?” — Rollo Bryant

We're diving through a digital and physical line of visuals showing the process engaged by Rollo in the creation of Urban Stem.




Emergence: behaviours emerge only when the parts interact in a wider whole.

Mitosis is a part of the cell cycle when replicated chromosomes are separated.

Unwrapping texture.

Procedurally simulating liquidity over structure.

Top view.


Full side view and slicing section.

Lighting process renders.

Interior light system, Della stem.

Interior light system, Zorah stem.

Light system exploded view, Della stem. 

Light system exploded view, Zorah stem. 

Natural environment transformation rendering, Della stem.

Final render view with light on, Della stem.




Composite production shape test.

Detailed view.

3D printed composite printed

3D printed composite filaments, two pieces stack #1.

3D printed composite filaments, mirroring two pieces stack #2.

3D printed composite filaments, outdoor simulation, three pieces stack.

PLA, PVA, Sand pattern structure.

Mechanical light system development.

Inside light simulation.

Light-tube system processing.

Full view of prototype in action.

Obscure area light result view.


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