©Marta Fernandez Canut  














Philipp Schenk-Mischke








Photography: Marta Fernandez Canut













Slip casting liquid clay into mold ©Marta Fernandez Canut

Drying process before remaining slip is poured off ©Marta Fernandez Canut








By introducing “plug-ins”, Philipp Schenk-Mischke work interferes into those processes by exploring misuses of traditional materials and combining them with snippets found in online-shops or DIY stores. 









Two vases with mold structure details ©Marta Fernandez Canut

Unmolded vase before distortion ©Marta Fernandez Canut












These ceramics get deformed on a body vibration plate right after demoulding. The plate, with its origin in the fitness industry, is a hijacked tool to explore new ideas and processes. 

Philipp’s work aims to question traditional methods in a post-internet era. It interferes by misapplying materials with findings from online-shops or DIY stores, and contributes to the debate of rethinking old links that we begin to perceive as natural - a powerful tool to create new experiences without new resources.

The project was developed during the final year of his Masters Degree in Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London.











 ©Marta Fernandez Canut











Vibration plate process ©Marta Fernandez Canut

©Marta Fernandez Canut














Final drying before glazing ©Marta Fernandez Canut

Mold parts ©Marta Fernandez Canut


























©Marta Fernandez Canut

©Marta Fernandez Canut













©Marta Fernandez Canut



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