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Margherita Chinchio








Photography: Alizee Wachto, Maxime Selin, Zoe Love Smith, Margherita Chinchio










©Zoe Love Smith 





Margherita Chinchio is a designer who works her jewelry with method, attention and care.




The Scroll Shimmers collection is part of a colorful, delicate, hypnotic universe. This jewelry collection explores the subject of reconfiguration of existing materials as the dominant methodology for new cultural production of the digital era.
After selecting images of jewelry found on the Instagram feed, they have been blended together creating new hybrid designs.
Scroll Shimmers jewelry are handmade and hand coated with care. They are made of inflated acetate, therefore they are extremely light weight and easy to wear. Each piece is one of a kind and impossible to duplicate. Presentation of a creation process.









Hybrid designs originated blending together jewellery found on Instagram, digital collages.








Jewellery by Leslie Shershow and Noon Passama, 2019 ©Margherita Chinchio

Jewellery by Benedikt Fisher and Bernhard Schobinger, 2019 ©Margherita Chinchio








1. The collage is printed on paper in a way that only the outline is considered. 2. The surface of the collage is covered with malleable wax, which is then sculpted by hand. In such a way, the volume of the shape is created. 3. The wax piece is now ready to be used as a mold in the vacuum former machine. The acetate sheet is warmed up and pressed on the wax, taking its shape. Due to the temperature, the wax soften becoming almost liquid. The original mold is therefore lost and impossible to re-use. 4. The obteined shape is cut out from the rest of the sheet and its edges need to be filed.  








The new designs are created, adjusted and sanded. Several work needs to be done before each piece is ready to be coated.



Sanding, 2020 ©Margherita Chinchio

Sanding, 2020 ©Margherita Chinchio

Sanding, 2020 ©Margherita Chinchio







 ©Alizee Wachto and Maxime Selin

The Scroll Shimmers are now ready to be coated. Their surface is smooth and a first protective layer has been applied.







Uncoated Bangle, 2020 ©Alizee Wachto and Maxime Selin

Uncoated Pendant, 2020 ©Alizee Wachto and Maxime Selin



5. The edges of the two sides are melted together by hand. Now the piece is finally complete and tridimensional. 6. The jewellery is filed and sanded to achieve a smooth surface and to prepare the coating procedure. 7. Colour tryouts on plaster models. 8. The piece is finally ready to be coated. Several leyers of acrylic paint are applied thanks to the use of the airbrush.  


The coating process is a very delicate one. Several layers are applied one after the other in order to achieve the right color combination and resistance. Matt or glossy finish will complete the procedure. The paint is airbrushed by hand.


Dark/light purple gradient coating 2019 ©Margherita Chinchio

Light blue/Orange gradient coating 2019 ©Margherita Chinchio







Details of some of the Scroll Shimmers bangles while working in the studio.








2020 ©Zoe Love Smith

2020 ©Zoe Love Smith

2020 ©Zoe Love Smith













Two Scroll Shimmers pendants are compared with the digital collages they have been originated from.









After/Before, 2020 ©Margherita Chinchio

After/Before, 2020 ©Margherita Chinchio














Finished, a Scroll Shimmers pendant.




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