A Chronicle of Galapagos' Design Odyssey

In the pursuit of transcending temporal boundaries, Galapagos went through a profound exploration of Mesoamerican culture and history.

The Mesoamerican Series derived from a meticulous study of ancient architectures, with a focus on revered archeological sites throughout central America. Tikal, Copán and Cuicuilco are the places that then gave names to the objects of the collection.

A visual journey through the lens of history unfolds—towering temples, intricate carvings, and the pulsating heartbeat of a bygone culture. These archaeological gems serve as the foundational inspiration for a collection that beckons the spirit of a distant era into the contemporary world.


Galapagos then designed the Mesoamerican Series through a process of abstraction and selection of the essential, unmistakable formal features of our inspirational sites. The design of the pieces aims at encapsulating the essence of those ancient structures, focusing on sharp geometrical shapes, as a deliberate departure from the literal, without oversimplification.

Each piece reflects the purity of form, an ode to the past translated into a timeless design. 
The material could be of any kind, but the decision to use stainless steel was to make the collection suitable for both interior and exterior landscapes, as well as to physically reflect what happens around them, just as the ancient temples used to have engravings about stories and myths of the times.


The production of the pieces is the balance of craftsmanship and technology, a perfect mix of steel, precision, and human touch. The products start taking life from pre-polished sheets, laser-cut as first step.

Once all the essential shapes are there, specialized machines bend the sheets creating the iconic step-like features.

All the components are then manually welded were necessary, to guarantee perfect balance and stability. The final step, a meticulous polishing finishing, bestows a reflective surface that mirrors not just the craftsmanship but the rich cultural heritage embedded within.


The products are the result of a timeless reinterpretation; the allure lies not just in the furniture itself but in the immersive experience around them—an invitation to embrace one own’s fantasies and relive forgotten tales through the lens of evocative design.

In the Mesoamerican Series, Galapagos takes storytelling to new heights, inviting customers on a journey where each piece becomes a narrative artifact. These tangible creations stand as proof of the brand's dedication to connecting different worlds and building bridges across time, space and imagination.


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