Created and directed by Claudine Garcia in South of France in 2020, GOOD SESSIONS aims to promote Contemporary European Creations among the greatest number.

The company wants to bring an easy way to love, appreciate and consume arts and creations; a simple way to buy and discover selections made from the excellence issued from the cutting-edge accurate international scene.

GOOD SESSIONS works to participate and encourage “Creation today” and be a part of tomorrow’s story with a sharped, spotted-on, innovative and alternative curation.

The selection is destined to a very large category of public that will recognize himself in the purposed products, looking after the brand values or just want to discover artists, process and creations in general.

GOOD SESSIONS wants to be a support, an accompanist and a facilitator.

GOOD SESSIONS productions and collaborations participate in keeping a contemporary creation alive, active, possible and easier as it should be.
















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